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Our Services

Tehilla Eco-watch Consultants provides solutions in safeguarding our environment and work places.Our services are classified in three distinct classes:-


Our environmental services include:-

  • Environmental Site Assessment

  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

  • Environmental Audits(EA)

  • Environmental Waste Management

  • Water and Sanitary Management

  • Strategic Environmental Assessment

  • Environmental Management Plans

Health and Safety

Tehilla Eco-watch Consultants provides solutions for your health and safety requirements in line with relevant regulations and keeping with best national practices.

Our services includes:

  • Health & Safety Management

  • Emergence Response Plans

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Work Place Assessment

  • Health and Safety Audits

Tailored Training Solutions

Whether you are new to your field or a veteran with decades of experience, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with changing legislation, understand the intricacies of regulatory processes, or proactively identify project obstacles. Our customized, on-site training courses can help your employees obtain the knowledge and tools necessary for success in your industry. Our trainings include:-

  • Health and Safety trainings

  • Training on Environmental Resource Planning

  • Waste management and pollution control

  • Water resources and drainage planning

  • Environmental resources mapping including remote sensing

Why consult Tehilla Eco-watch Consultants

  • The firm's key staff and professionals have demonstrated competence in many areas of environmental, health and safety protection, rehabilitation, planning, assessing, auditing and monitoring
  • Technical skill and insight into the local environmental and socio-cultural conditions
  • Quality and exhaustive Environmental Management Plans
  • Advisory on environmental aspects of project
  • Enhancement of the institutions public image
  • Ensuring sustainable development, in tandem with vision 2030
  • Better relations between employees and the management
  • Fewer lost workdays due to injury or illness
  • Increased employee productivity