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Guidelines for Petroleum

Petrol Service and Filling Stations

Petroleum dispensing stations are known as service and filling stations.Service stations provide petroleum dispensing, oil change, car and engine wash services while Filling stations provide only petroleum dispensing services only.Nevertheless, NEMA considers both as high impact projects and thus requirements for developing them are the same.The following are required when developing both filling and service stations:

  1. Change of user of proposed site-Physical Planning Department
  2. Environmental Impact Assessment Study-NEMA approved Firm/lead expert with current practicing license.Note that a FULL STUDY and not a Project Report is to be carried out.
  3. Development approval-Local authority and Physical Planning
  4. Petroleum dispensing permit-Energy Regulatory commission
  5. Petroleum Underground storage tanks permit- Weights & Measures Department
  6. Dispensing pumps calibration license-Weights & Measures Department
  7. Road access permit( acceleration & deceleration lanes)-Relevant roads authority
  8. Fire permit-Fire department of local authority
  9. Single Business Permit-Local Authority

NEMA considers filling and service stations as high impact projects and therefore an EIA Study has to be undertaken.It involves ; 1. EIA Project report so as to develop term of reference for full study 2. EIA Study report 3. Advertising at least twice on a nationwide coverage newspaper on proposed project

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