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Guidelines for Water Resources

Water Abstraction

Water abstraction is the utilization of water from any natural resource including an ocean, lake, river, stream, dam, well, bore hole and swamp.

Water Resource Management Authority(WRMA) is the regulatory agency in the management of water resources in Kenya. WRMA is responsible for water allocation and apportionment, monitoring and assessment of water resources, gathering and publishing information on water resources, receiving and determining applications for water use permits.

When one requires to abstarct water from any surface or ground water body, they are expected to apply for a water permit from WRMA.The following are the requirements for this application;

  1. Certificate of Incorporation or Identification Card
  2. PIN Number
  3. Title deed or agreement if another persons land
  4. Relevant Maps
  5. Copy of Environmental Impact Assessment License
  6. Site Assessment Report
  7. Hydogeological (ground water) or Hydrological(surface water) Assessment Survey Reports
  8. Technical design of water abstraction project
  9. Application of easement if the abstraction is not within the land of applicant or pipeline is passing across a road
  10. WRMA Application fee

Once a water permit application is lodged with WRMA, then

  1. WRMA carry out a technical assessment and public notification
  2. WRMA Issue Authorization to abstract
  3. You carry out the construction
  4. WRMA inspects your construction ones complete
  5. WRMA issues a completion certificate
  6. WRMA issues a water permit

Note that a water usage measuring device should be installed in your design as you will be expected to be paying for the water abstracted.

Engage a NEMA Expert to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment for your project at least three months before lodging your application with WRMA as it takes quite some time to acquire an Environmental Impact Assessment License.

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